How to set up the campsite booking system

Explanation of how to set up the camping booking system which can also work for most accommodation types



Click on button to start setup of your bookings. 

(If you don't see the Set up Bookings button, Click  Update Campsite Information button and save)


Click add unit at end button and type in unit names and descriptions.


To add units in between or delete them, click on unit. It will give you options at bottom to insert or remove units. 


Fill in your banking details and currency and save. Follow the message you will get.


Add all your seasons and categories / age groups. 


Select in which season each date falls. Click Date + to go to future dates.  


Add and name price groups. Select if each one is overnight or day booking.   


 Click and select all units that is in same price group. 


Fill in month when your prices increase. Select date up to which people can book.   


Configure the price for each unit for different seasons and ages.

This is the prices until before your next increase date.

The picture above will look different depending on what you configured at Price 1 and Price 3.



Set up prices as before. This is the prices for 12 months starting at your increase date. 


 Now you can preview your booking interface where you can check that everything is as you would like it.


This is the booking interface in preview mode. Here you can test everything as if it is live.

For now only you will be able to see and use it, until you make it live.

Here you can see if your unit names, descriptions, seasons, etc is correct.



You can also fill in bookings to see if you have configured the prices and notes correctly.

If you make bookings, everything will work exactly as if it is live.


Under modify bookings: To add bookings, you click to make it green. You can also use the Preview Bookings tab or normal user booking interface for adding bookings. 

To modify bookings you click on the bookings so they become red to delete.

Normal cancelling of bookings can be done with one click in the original booking email.


Here you can change the day visitor bookings if applicable.

Always save if you changed something before moving on.


To get this started if your campsite isn't on this website yet.

Go register and add your campsite's details.



Which campsite could you not find here?


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