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Please make sure from the official camping website of their banking details before making payments. Do not accept any emails telling you of new banking details, it could be someone trying to steal your money. Go check the campsite's own webpage for banking details.


We will try to make the campsite pages relevant and appropriate, but rely on the users to let us know.

People abusing this website will be blocked.


This website's purpose is to make all of the campsites information available on one platform where it is easy to search for and find.


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If you find incorrect information please let that specific campsite editor know at the bottom right of that campsite page.


If someone has published your campsite, and you want to have the editing rights, please register. Then log in and go to your campsite page and request that the campsite be handed over to you. The link for that is at the bottom right of the campsite page when you are logged in.


Users are allowed to publish campsite information in English or Afrikaans.

Gebruikers mag kampplekke se informasie in Engels of Afrikaans publiseer.


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