How to check a website's traffic


Are you paying the wrong websites to advertise for you, and not getting the results?


By now you might know that it’s getting easier to get a website on the internet.

But how do you know how many visitors a website is getting?

Especially if there is millions of them, and more popping up.

You might understand that building a website is not the same as building a shop next to a busy road.

Although there are billions of people using the internet, just being on the internet doesn’t mean anyone will visit your website.

So how do you know which websites is getting lots of visitors, and which are not?

After all, it’s not like a mall where you can sit and watch who are walking into what shop.

And if they are exiting empty handed, or with lots of shopping bags.

If you have some money to advertise, which website do you choose to spend your money on?


How do you know who on the internet are getting a lot of traffic?

Which are the websites with all the bells and whistles, but see very little visitors.

What causes a website to get lots of visitors?
• The ones that looks the best?
• The best design or layout?
• The ones which advertises on social media the most.
• The ones with the most flashing and scrolling adverts.
• Is it the ones that display they had millions of hits.
• Maybe the ones advertising on TV, radio and in magazines.

As you can see it’s not as straight forward as in real life.


Let me introduce you to a free tool is a website that tries to rank websites based on the amount of visitors they get on average over the past 3 months.

They are by no means perfect, but you can get a very good idea of what is going on.

They rank websites with the most visitors, rank 1 to the 30 millionth most visited website with rank 30 million.

Currently Google is ranked 1, and Youtube ranked 2.

With this extension you can visit any website and immediately get a relative idea of how many visitors they have.

So you don’t have to believe what the website owners tell you.

You can do your own quick research, which is much more accurate.

You can install an Alexa website browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.

And I would highly suggest you do it now.

Please stop believing what everyone is telling you, even me.

Start checking for yourself.

Go and google "Alexa browser extension" and install it on your browser.

If you do nothing else, do this so you can see for yourself what is going on.

Or click here and click on

Install Alexa Browser Extension

From now on you can just hover over or click the icon and see the rankings of any website.

As shown below.



Alexa uses the extension on about 1% of internet user’s browsers to see which websites gets what traffic.

Alexa is an Amazon owned company.

So if you haven’t yet installed it, now is the time.

You will save yourself lots of time and money dealing with websites that won’t be helping you.

Below is some Alexa rankings of camping and accommodation related websites. (Remember a lower number rank is better)


Website Alexa rank
on 2020/03/02
Alexa rank
on 2020/03/31
Alexa rank
on 2020/05/01
Estimated different listings
on 2020/03/02 12253 16219 22416  
Safarinow 44632 50540 66992 24000
Lekkerslaap 45501 48397 77602 25500
Afristay 57717 66520 90977 20 000 163242 137067 121961 80 357866 426636 442378 900 809103 804308 1017737 400 1462301 1801212 1163759 unknown 1980771 2345919 1861306 21628+108383


Look at again.

We have few listings, and relative high rankings.

Meaning the few listings gets relatively high traffic.

(I realized that I was chasing my own tail. embarassed Due to the low usage of the Alexa extension, I was pushing up the rankings of this website. That's because I was checking the traffic daily in the control panel. I switched off the extension and then saw the rankings drop.

I added the amount of traffic to the top 15 camping pages on the front page. This will give you a much more accurate picture of the amount of traffic.) 

It is free to advertise on this website.

So there is no financial risk.

But please don’t trust me or anyone else……. Check for yourself.

(If you believe me today, you will believe someone else tomorrow with a better story.)

Always verify for yourself.


I know this tool will help you a lot in future making decisions.

Go check the website you spend your money on to advertise for you, and make an informed decision if it is worth the cost.

Also check that the referrals you got from them agrees with their alexa rankings, to be sure alexa is working correctly.


So if you want, see details of how to add your campsite details now on this website (after adding the Alexa extension off course)

It should not take more than an hour to register, and get your details live.

Be ready with about 6 nice pictures, and a 7th one preferably of the layout.


P.S. After you have tested out this tool, please share it with friends and family so that they can also use it to their advantage.




Which campsite could you not find here?


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