MyBook campsite booking system




Finally we have a way to get guests to book without you being constantly involved or paying a fortune for it.

Online bookings is the easiest and fastest way to get guests to book, and it doesn't have office hours.



This is an online booking system for campsites, allowing guests to pay you directly, at minimal costs and no monthly cost to you.

The booking software makes it easy and convenient for guests and you to get bookings done.

Although it was designed for campsite bookings, it can work for most types of accommodation. 

Stop losing time getting guests to book and rather spend it to improve their experience visiting you.

Would it be nice if guests can just arrive at your gate, already booked and fully paid up, effortlessly?

Well, great news, that is exactly what we do.


We see so many places making the mistake of hiding their prices. That is just backwards.

To understand this mistake, ask yourself if you would go do your monthly grocery shopping at a shop without prices. 

They pay for it by having to create quotations. This is frustrating guests, and increasing their running costs.

A much more efficient way would be to make your prices available, and let guest choose. 


The MyBook campsite booking system facilitates bookings, shows availability and do exact price calculations. So guests don’t need to bother you. Set it up and let it run. Basically hands off for you. Guests can book, pay and show up at your gates without the need for you to be involved. Booking campsites or other accommodation could hardly be easier.

With the technology we have, there is no need to be stuck inside your office all day. It’s new technology working on old principles. We don’t want to change the way you do business, just make it easier. No middle man, guests pay you directly, and we deduct R5 per booking for using the service.


This online booking system for campsites was designed for South Africa and neighboring countries, but can work anywhere.

It also works for other types of accommodations.

If you would like to use it elsewhere, please contact us.

We will later make it independent of the camping website.


See our live demo page here. Feel free to make bookings. (Without paying off course) 


Here is a video about how the MyBook booking system works when booking. And how the different payment options for guests work.


Need more time to do what you are passionate about?

People don’t need to call or email you to check availability.
You only need to confirm payment, or click in booking email to cancel.

Or make it fully automated with online payments.(Currently only if you have RSA bank account)
Bookings are open 24/7 on our online platform, no office hours.
Owners only receive booking information after guest confirmed payment or paid.
You get visitors details with booking confirmation.
You have less work as you do not need to reply on emails with quotations and to state availability.
No need to communicate day after day with guests that want to book.


System is based on a simple old tested principle

People use the system to see availability and prices, the information that they previously got from you.
This camping reservation system gives guests all the information needed, and facilitates the booking.
Payments made directly into your bank account or PayGenius account.
People have asked for it, so we try our best to remove complexities and keep it as simple as possible.
No middle man handling your money that causes double work and higher costs.
Guests can pay by Debit / Credit card, Instant EFT, EFT, bank transfer or cash straight into your account.

Now we integrated fully automated online payments. 
Many guests choose not to use online bookings as they know it will create extra costs to them eventually.
Some guests are just plain scared to use their credit card online.

People can choose which way they want to pay you, if you enable all options.
We keep it simple so people pay you directly.


System with all the flexibility needed by campsites

This is the only solution that can handle pricing structures of campsites, run bookings for hundreds of units, calculate prices while booking, do day bookings, etc.
System calculates specific prices as guest book, in other words no need for quotations.
System can simultaneously handle bookings for campsites, chalets, tents, cottages, day bookings, game drives, boat rental and more.
Day visitor numbers can be limited per season.
Any day type booking like day visitor, game drive, 4x4 routes, day hiking, renting canoe, etc. can be done. 
Configure many seasons like long weekend, peak, winter, midweek, etc.
Each season can be configured for any day of the year.
Can set different prices for different age groups, vehicles, dogs, tents, etc.
Set minimum stay per each season.
Owner can book and delete bookings of any unit at no cost.
System can be put on multiple websites to make it easy to find.
Owners choose the currency they work in.
Owner can add units if there is new ones build or developed.
Group similar units in one price group and set their prices together.
Configure as many different price groups as you need.
Set max allowed booking date, if you’re not sure of the holidays yet.
Configure your price increase date and set different prices for after that.
Prices can be set up for up to the next 2 years.

Price can be configured 
1) per unit which include … people,
2) different price per person for different age groups, 
3) per object(e.g. vehicle) more than …, 
4) once off refundable key deposit
5) minimum price per night, 
6) minimum days to book, 
7) or a combination of above.
8) Show visitors different notes depending on season/unit they book.
9) All of the above per each different priced units
10) Maximum day bookings set per season
11) Price per different aged person per day
12) Unit price for day visitors


Short description of a guest booking


The booking system works with a calendar.

All the open spaces are displayed on the booking calendar.

Guests clicks the days on the calendar that the want to book.
When guest are busy booking, the price is calculated.
They fill in their details, and how many people, vehicles, dogs, boats, etc.

They choose their payment method 1 or 2 (Depending on what you enable)

Option 1) Offline payments

Guests click offline payment button.

A temporary booking is made, valid for 48 hours.

They get an email with all the details.
If they change their mind, they just click link in email to cancel.
They pay the money straight into your bank account.
After paying they click to confirm they made the payment.
Now you as owner get email with all the booking and guest details.
People send through payment proof, or you check it.
The reference number is unique for each booking.
If they did pay, which most should, you are done. 
If the guest did not pay and said they did, owner click email link which will delete person’s temporary bookings and stop them from booking at any place for next 2 weeks.


Option 2) Instant online payment **Currently only if you have RSA bank account, might expand later to neighbouring countries**

Guest click button for online payment.

A temporary booking is made for 1 hour.

Guest gets directed to PayGenius payment page.

They choose between Debit/credit card or Instant EFT.

They make the payment.

They get directed back with success message.

They get email from us with all the details of booking, also from PayGenius.

Owner gets email with all details of booking, also payment confirmation from PayGenius.

The money gets paid directly into owner's PayGenius account by guest.


Option 3) Both offline and online payments

You can enable both systems and let guests choose the method of payment.


System makes it real easy for guests to book

Our idea is to make it real easy and convenient to plan and make tours or trips.
This will cause people to travel more, building the tourism industry.
Imagine people going on two trips instead of one a year. The industry will double.
All banking details, price, and booking details are sent to guest for easy reference.
They can do bookings immediately at any time of any day. 
They don’t need to wait for anyone to reply to their email.
If guests can choose between two similar places where one is easy to book and at another where it is difficult. They will likely choose the easy option.
And they don’t need to call to find out about availability and prices.
Guests can book their favorite accommodation, or the one they prefer when it is available.
Groups can book campsites close together
Prices are calculated as people book.
Prices calculated per campsite/chalet/day booking according to ages and amount of vehicles, etc.
Seasons and price groups are displayed to the guest that is booking.
Easy for guests to see lower priced seasons, so they will make use of it more.
Guests can easily see availability and prices.
People can easily adapt their travel plans to fill small booking gaps when you are almost full, without asking you and communicating back and forth.
Booking system is mobile friendly as most people today are using mobile phones online.
Booking page is very light weight and loads fast.


Ask yourself these questions

Would it not be nice to get less of the same questions from guests?
Wouldn’t it be nice if people can book, even while you sleep?
Are you tired of creating quotations, and getting only a few bookings?
Have you considered using an online booking system, but decided otherwise when you saw the cost?
Are you also wondering why people doing online bookings takes 15% of the money you must work for?
Would you enjoy it to spend more time out of the office?
Did you also find some people don’t want to pay online with a credit card?
Don’t you think it is fair to get your money immediately, instead of waiting up to 2 months with some online booking companies?
Would you like to use a camping reservation system which is a win-win-win for everyone involved?


Well then you have found the online booking system designed to work for you.


Sick and tired of people asking the same questions? - MyBook system have the solution you are looking for


When I look at Facebook pages of some resorts, I can see different people keeps asking the same questions, without reading what is written 3 lines up.
What if people could get the answers they need, even before thinking to ask?
Does it feel like a constant uphill battle to get guests booked?
Are your visitors limited by how many hours a day your office is open?
You could be the bottle neck, which limits how many people can book per day.

What would it mean to your business if you could get only 10% more visitors this year, just because you made it easier for guests to book.
Would it not be great if people can book and pay you while you sleep?
Even while playing with your kids or while taking the day off?
Wouldn’t it be nice if you do not have to be in the office constantly, waiting for calls or emails?
That is the idea of this system.

To give you a lot more time freedom, while making the bookings easy for people.
People will likely start travelling more if the planning phase becomes easier.
The same way we buy more things if it is easy to find.
Last year we toured through Namibia. I gave up doing planning after spending an hour or two to find just two campsites on the route. I told my parents, we will just find campsites as we go, and that is what we did. It was out of season, so we knew we would get space.
But not everyone are like us, they want certainty especially during peak times. 

Imagine a person that hears on Thursday morning he needs to take time off. (This was me as electronic technician having lots of overtime) He takes the afternoon and the next day off. Quickly checks 5 different places and sees there is space at your campsite for the weekend, and books it. Goes home to pack some things, and you see him and his family later that same evening.
V.S. him spending the weekend at home, wishing he knew a few days earlier so he could plan a trip.

So what is different about this online reservation system?

This accommodation booking system was specifically designed for the complex fee structures of campsites and related accommodation.

We don’t handle your money, like most online booking systems.
Many people know the high costs involved to do online bookings. So we rather contact owners directly to save them and eventually us the costs.
Our system keeps costs down and only charges R5 per paid booking. You get your R5 back if booking is cancelled.

If booking is cancelled, you will have full amount so you can pay guest their money back minus your banking cost and admin fee. Depending on what system you use.
A lot of older people (big chunk of your customers) are scared to make online credit card payments.
So they prefer getting banking details and paying money over to you.
We don’t charge a 15% commission, and then let you wait for your money for 2 months.


With the online payment system we add the transaction fees and R5 to the price.

So the system is free to use for owners.

The transaction fees is currently less than 4%.

We add the minimum amount for the transaction fees so that you get out what you expect.

And the guest doesn't need to pay more than they need to.

People pay the booking money straight into your bank/PayGenius account. 
The booking system can handle bookings for campsites, chalets, tents, caravans, cottages, day visitors, game drives, boat rides, horse rides, day walks, 4x4 drives and more.
It can have multiple seasons per year, and each season can be linked to any day of the year.
You can charge different prices for different age groups.
Each age can have a different price in each season and for different types of accommodation.


Some advantages of using this campsite booking software system


The system is absolutely free to use for owners.
There is no monthly / yearly fees, or setup fees, as you do the setup yourself.
If someone pays you cash, you simply fill in the booking to stop double bookings.
Bookings made by owners are free.
People can book multiple chalets and tents and campsites or whatever you have all at once. As it’s only one booking the booking fee stays R5.
No need for you to work out a quotation, as prices are calculated when people book.
Getting booked to full capacity is much easier, as people can see where there are gaps, and book if they want.
Guests can choose and book their favorite campsite if available, or groups can book units close together.
We can put the booking page on our website.
You can put it on any one or more of your website pages. 
We supply you with a short piece of code, that will load the booking page.
The same way a Youtube video is displayed on a website’s page.
So people can book from multiple websites to make it easier for them.
You can set up everything and test it, before you give the public access to see it and start booking.
If after you set it up and tested it, you don’t feel like using it, you simply don’t make it live.
It works on pay as you go principle, and you will get link in email to recharge when your funds is low.

The recharge principle works if you only use the offline payments option.

When you use the online payments or online + offline the R5 gets transferred from your PayGenius account.  

To use the online payments (Currently only RSA, or if you have RSA account), you send a application form to PayGenius to open your account.

You can use your PayGenius account for other non booking related transactions.

You can stop using the booking system if you decide so, and get unused funds refunded. 
It is obligation and contract free.


About fees charged(No cost to owners)

No yearly, monthly, setup or any other fees.

System is absolutely free to owners.


We add the R5 to the booking price so that the guest pays it for the convenience. 
Booking cost stays R5, even if guests books for full month or books multiple units.
When online bookings is enabled, we transfer the R5 fee with each successful transaction.

With both payment options working, the offline payment's R5 is added up and deducted with the first successful online payment.


When only offline payments enabled, you will need to recharge funds. You will get message in email to recharge when funds is low, with link to payment page. You choose the amount you want to recharge, depending on your booking volumes. The R5 booking fees will be added to each payment you get from guests. 

We know you will be happy with the system.
But if for whatever reason you decide to cancel, we will refund your unused funds, only applicable when only using offline payments.
Get free trial period to set up and test the system as long as you need.

Free extras: 
• Advertise your camping resort on our website, even if you don’t use the booking system. 
• We give a free link to your website from your listing page.
• We will help people to find you without them having your name.

So if you are still willing to do bookings on your own, at least advertise here and we will help people to find you.


Summary of booking system

• The system gives guests all the information needed, and facilitates the booking.
• We do our best to keep things as simple as possible while being flexible.
• Prices calculated as guests book, so no need for quotations
• It can do bookings for campsites, chalets, tents, cottages, day bookings, game drive, boat rental, horse rides, day walks, 4x4 drives and more.
• Day visitor numbers limited per season.
• Can have as many seasons as you need.
• Can set different pricing for different age groups, vehicles, even dogs.
• Can setup minimum nights to stay per season
• Owners choose the currency they work in.
• Configure as many different price groups as you need.
• Limit the date up to which people can do bookings
• Prices and dates of seasons can be set up for almost next 2 years.
• System needs almost no maintenance through the year.
• System makes it real easy and convenient to plan tours or trips.
• Price setup very flexible for handling different price structures. 
• Easy for guests to see availability and prices.
• People can fill up small gaps between other bookings.
• Owners are not actively involved in the system
• Bookings made simple and fast.
• Guests can book at any time of the day or night.
• Guests can easily do last minute planning and bookings.
• If you make it easy for people to book, chances are they will choose you over another similar place where it is difficult. 
• System provides the answers most people want, so no need for them to ask you.
• It is the first system designed for the complex fee structures of campsites and related accommodation.
• System can handle a place with only one campsite, up to resorts with hundreds of different units.
• We don’t handle your money.
• People pay the booking money straight into your bank / PayGenius account. 
• You get the money within 2 days, so we don’t rob you from good cash flow.
• Booking page very light weight, loads fast and mobile friendly.
• Any season can be linked to any day of the year.
• Have different price for each age in each season and for different types of accommodation.
• Bookings made by owners are free.
• Cancelled booking cost is refunded, only applicable to offline payments.
• Only pay for a confirmed and paid booking.
• People can book multiple chalets, tents, campsites and whatever you have all in one booking. 
• No upfront costs or any other monthly or annual costs.
• Only upfront cost is for recharging when using offline only payments.(Unused is refundable)
• Guests can choose and book their favorite chalet / campsite, if available.
• Groups can book units close together.
• Can be used on multiple websites simultaneously.
• Use it, and if you are not 100% satisfied. Let us know and we will refund your unused funds. 


New features


1) The system can now be used as an internal booking system. This means the guests will never see the booking page and only owners can do the bookings.

2) Expiry time of temporary bookings can be set from 2 to 7 days according to your needs.

3) Promotion prices can now be set up. This means you can set up different prices per unit if certain conditions are met.

E.g.: If guests stays for 7 days or longer at campsite.

        If guests is more than 2 staying for 10 days or longer.

        If guests stays midweek and are 3 people and midweek days is 4.

        If more than 1 pensioner staying for 20 days or longer at campsite and arrival day not Sunday.

4) Temporary and paid booking info is stored in CSV file and emailed to you weekly. The info can also be viewed online at any time.

5) Owner configured message are sent with booking email. This can for example be used to let guest know of what percentages of the total needs to be paid at what times.


 How to get started


To start you must register, log in and add your campsite details.

See how to add your campsite details for free.

After adding your details, you can configure, test and make your bookings live. 


See how to create and set up the online booking system.






See our live demo page here.

Live demo mybook


Please email us if you have any questions, email is below.


Which campsite could you not find here?

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See it multiply.



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