How we do campsite advertising for you

We can do your campsite's advertising for you. Actually we don't really advertise your campsite. We just make it super easy for campers to find your campsite. We do it in many different ways. So if a camper is looking for you, we make sure they find you. Even if they have never heard of you or your campsite name. Our idea of campsite advertising is letting a camper find exactly what they need. Below is the ways we do it.

Easily find campsites in various ways.

  • Find campsites through Search Engines without knowing the campsite name.
  • Campers can search for campsite by region, closest town, nearby river, nearby road, campsite environment, facilities or the campsite's name.
  • Campsites can be found from area maps.
  • Campsites are organized by province, region, town, road, river, etc.
  • Find most critical campsite information on one page.
  • Help people to waste less time searching for campsites.

Show people new and unknown campsites.

  • Small and big campsites can add their information here.
  • When using the site, campers will find new campsites they didn't know of.
  • Campers will find campsites on the route they want to explore, and not adapt their route according to campsites.

Get campers to the campsites they will love.

  • Campers can use the information to compare and go to the place they like the most.
  • Everyone is unique, so are all campsites. We simply help to match them.
  • Campers will quickly find which campsites they want to go to next, according to their needs.

Free basic advertising, to the benefit of all.

  • Adding a campsite is FREE!
  • Plus! Keeping it advertised is FREE!
  • Plus! Updating it is FREE!
  • Add on features will be charged for, you can choose if you want it.
  • In other words: You choose if you want to spend any Money.
  • The website helps especially the unknown campsites to be found.
  • Campers will soon know where to come look to find any campsite, quickly.
  • You can add campsites and help the camping community.

Here is how we do things differently

  • We help campers find your campsite without a name
  • We help them find you in many logical ways
  • We provide campers with a condensed page of all your details
  • We help guests to choose the campsite that they like
  • We want happier guests that should go camp more
  • We give you full control over updating your info
  • We are always working on more ways for people to find you
  • We focus on user experience, usability and keeping things simple



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Hier is een foto van ons op 'n kamp toer deur Namibia in 2019.

Ons het op 18 verskullende kampplekke gekamp gedurende die toer.

Ons op 'n kamp toer deur Namibia

Sit gerus jul kampplek op. Ons en baie ander mense wil dit graag sien.


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