How to add and advertise your campsite

To add a campsite, you need to:
  • (1)Register
  • (2)Log-in
  • (3)Click link "Add New Campsite"
  • (4)Fill in the one page form.
  • (5)Save and Publish
  • (6)Check for mistakes and correct.
That is it!
This page will explain how to do it in detail. There is a Video or Description with Images to follow.


The Video:
In the video we show exactly how to add your campsite.


Description with images:


If you don't want to watch the video, here is a description with images of how to advertise a campsite by adding it on our system.


(1) Start by registering an new user account.

You will be emailed a link on which you need to click. Keep the email to remember your password.

Login and register links

After you clicked the email link you can (2) Login.


Menu when logged in

When logged in you will see new menus at the top. If needed, go to (Change My Details) menu to change password, etc. (My Campsites) menu will show all your campsites.


(3)Click Add New Campsite menu link.

You will be prompted to choose the Country/province and then Region in which the campsite belongs. See areas here: Areas in South Africa


(4)You will then see the following form which you need to fill in.

A easy way to get the information in is to highlight text from elsewhere, then copy(Ctrl + C) and paste(Ctrl + V) it on the relevant field.



When you zoom in close to the campsite, you can switch to Satellite on the left top corner of map to get marker on exact point at campsite.



Hover over the icons to see a description. Select all the relevant ones.


If you don't have all the information with you, fill in what you can and all the required(Pink colour) fields. Save and come back later to complete it.




(5)Click on save and it is published.


That is it! That is all it takes to add a new camping site for everyone to find.


(6)Now go to the page for the campsite and see if everything looks correct. Update the errors and you are done.



Some notes:

When you copy (Ctrl + C) and paste(Ctrl + V) all the formatting will be removed.

You have about 90 minutes to finish the editing or you will be logged out.

Images size maximum of 5 MB can now be uploaded, the system will automatically re-scale and reduce the images.


On each campsite there is a Update the campsite information link if you want to edit or add content. This only appears when you are logged in.




Anyone can add campsites they know or have the information of. If the campsite owner later asks you to hand over their site, please allow it.


To take over a published campsite, you will first have to register as a user, log in and then click on the "request for handover" link at the bottom right of your campsite page.

Which campsite could you not find here?

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